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VR Ping Pong Pro Gameplay Impressions

Coming from developers Reddoll Srl, IV Productions and ONE-O-ONE GAMES is VR Ping Pong Pro available now via Steam. The game needs some work to offer a more robust experience but at least looks pretty fantastic at the moment. Take a look at our VR Ping Pong Pro gameplay impressions

The Outer Worlds Review PC

Private Division and Obsidian Entertainment released their space opera The Outer Worlds on consoles and PC. It’s a tough talking no-nonsense expansive first-person-shooter at heart drenched in an underlying dark-humour filled role-playing experience. Considering Obsidian’s heritage with Knights of the Old Republic II and Fallout New Vegas to name but

Disco Elysium Review (PC)

What is Disco Elysium other than a mental assault on the senses draped in an abundance of wicked imagery and tenacious writing. It’s a point-and-click-adventure at heart with a free-form approach melded with a splattering of RPG tossed in ad-hock…somewhere. I don’t fully get where I can pigeon-hole the game