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Project CARS 3 Review PC

Slightly Mad Studios released their arcade like racer Project CARS 3 recently on consoles and PC. It sprints-off the starting grid complete with a VR mode and the usual bells and whistles events. However, its departure from sim racer to more accessible arcade game might not please everyone and then

Liberated Review PC

Atomic Wolf and L.INC’s noir dystopian thriller Liberated comes to life on PC after releasing on Nintendo Switch previously. The game offers a comic book side-scrolling shooter which has a heavy focus on story. Is it worth a punt though. We take a look at Atomic Wolf and L.INC’s comic

Destroy All Humans Review PC (Video & Text)

Black Forest Games present a return to the 1950s with a remake of the Xbox and PS2 classic Destroy All Humans. Some 15 years later are the jokes still funny and the B-Movie approach welcome in glorious HD/4K? Take a look at our Destroy All Humans review. Today we’re taking

Death Stranding PC Review (video & text)

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding released on PS4 back in November 2019 with some mixed reactions from the gaming community and media alike. Fast-forward to now and the game released on PC. It’s essentially the same game with the added bonus of native 4K support, widescreen support and some additional Half-Life

Beyond A Steel Sky Review PC – (Video & Text)

Revolution Software released their adventure game on Apple Arcade and now PC via Steam. Take a look at our Beyond A Steel Sky review from the PC version. Today we’re taking a look at Revolution Software’s sequel to the 1994 point-and-click adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky. It features the

Woojer Strap Edge Review

We finally got our hands on the Kickstarter backed Woojer Strap Edge (Backed in October 2019). After giving it plenty of play-time with various content such as music, games, VR Games and videos we offer our Woojer Strap Edge review. First things first, Woojer Strap Edge isn’t going to appeal