Star Wars Pinball VR Launch Trailer

Available now via Oculus Quest and Playstation VR is the rather cool Star Wars Pinball VR from Zen Studios. The game offers some 8 tables to play, a customizable play space, collectibles and Career Mode all in wonderful VR. For the first time ever, Star Wars Pinball surrounds us in

Wanderer – Announcement Trailer (VR Game)

Developers, M-Theory & Oddboy presents Wanderer, a new game coming to PCVR platforms (wishlist now via Steam) and aims to take players through various time travel scenes with escape rooms, interactions and arcade sequences. It looks great from the trailer and releases in Summer 2021. You are Asher Neumann, an

Resident Evil Showcase & New Trailer & VR

Capcom showcased some more Resident Evil Village in the showcase, check out the latest trailer and more goodies. A demo will also become available for all on May 2nd for a limited time only. In addition, coming to Oculus Quest, is Resident Evil 4 VR. How exciting is that? Intrepid

DOOM 3 VR Edition – Launch Trailer – PSVR

Playstation VR gamers will be pleased to know that DOOM 3 VR Edition launches today exclusively for PSVR. Let’s hope the game makes it way official to PC VR which can experience similar delights via a rather good mod. DOOM 3: VR Edition transforms id Software’s critically acclaimed action-horror shooter

Half-Life Alyx Bioshock Gameplay (MOD)

A mod by WIM.BUYTAERT.1988 which uses the Half-Life Alyx mod tools to recreate 8 levels from Irrational Games’ masterpiece Bioshock. Available now on the Half-Life Alyx workshop on Steam. Take a look at some gameplay using a HP Reverb G2. The Combine have discovered the whereabouts of Rapture.Rumors exist that

Sony Unveils New PSVR 2 Controllers

Sony released some details with regards to the controllers for their upcoming PSVR 2 VR headset which will be compatible with the PS5. Features The new VR controller enables players to feel and interact with games in a much more visceral way. There are several features, including key features from

HTC releases New Vive Trackers 3.0 & Facial Trackers

Today HTC announced the release of Vive Trackers 3.0 alongside new facial trackers costing £129 each. The new trackers offer up to 75% increased battery life, 15% reduction in weight, and a 33% smaller footprint. Interestingly, the facial trackers offer tracking of up to 38 facial movements across the lips,