Reviews Policy

At we have a reviews policy that puts your enjoyment of a game first as PR people or developers themselves do not sway us in our review scores. We tell the truth as we see and experience it about each and every game and only review finished versions to give you the gamer and consumer spending their cash the best source of up to date and accurate reviews. Have you ever bought a game only to get home and find it’s rubbish and you’ve wasted your cash? Don’t worry so have we, so if a game is bad or simply average rest assured, you’d know about it. With this in mind, our review scores also reflect the value for money aspects of games, so if a game is excellent, but a tad short for the asking price, then this will factor in the scoring. We also use the full 10 point scale here rather than just 7-10/10 range.

It must be said, however, that the opinions of our team is just that: an opinion. Everyone is different and likes different things, if you agree/disagree strongly with a reviewer then use our comments to express your personal opinion on the specific game.
Reviews Rating Guide:

  • 10: Amazing
  • 9/9.5: Excellent
  • 8/8.5: Very good
  • 7/7.5: Good
  • 6/6.5: Not bad
  • 5/5.5: Mediocre
  • 4/4.5:¬†Under Par
  • 3/3.5: Poor
  • 2/2.5: Very poor
  • 0/1.5: Terrible

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