Our Team

Current Team members:

Robert Cram – Site Owner/Editor

Robert Cram has been gaming for many years and has 20 years experience working within the games industry.  His motto is “there’s always time to game”.

Jake Lyons – Reviews Contributor

The strong arm of our North American reviews team.

Jared Brikey – Reviews Contributor

Hard hitting and to the point reviews with a natural flair for reasoned criticism.

Wayne Julian – Contributor/Gears of War nutjob/Designer

Wayne is an avid gamer with years of experience and a real passion for games of all types. Then there’s Gears! The two are inseparable.

Andrew “Banksy” Banks – Reviews contributor

Andrew loves all genres of video games and has been playing them since he was 5 years old. Many years later and the passion is still there.

Margaret Adesanya-Cram – Contributor

Assistant to the Site Owner and Editor. Behind the scenes operations.



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