Glitchpunk – Release Date Announcement Teaser

Daedalic Entertainment and Developer Dark Lord’s upcoming top-down action game, Glitchpunk gets a release date of August 11th 2021. The game will be available at this time as an Steam Early Access title. Inspired by classic top-down action games, Glitchpunk lets you brawl, shoot and drive your way through a

Gamedec – Narrative Branching Trailer

Anshar Studios post their latest Gamedec trailer which looks at the branching pathways of the game’s narrative. You are the sum of your choices. Interestingly, the video showcases for the first time we believe the different male and female characters you can select at the start of the game.

The Ascent Gameplay Trailer

Take a look at Curve Digital’s latest gameplay trailer for the upcoming cyberpunk themed, The Ascent. The game comes to consoles and PC, and as the video suggests will be a day one title via the Xbox Game Pass when it releases on July 29th.