RKGK VR Gameplay (AKA RakuGaki) – PCVR Streamed using UEVR Mod

Whilst games like Hellblade 2 works using the same Praydog, UEVR mod, the hyper-stylish RKGK VR gameplay looks and plays like a native VR title (aside from the lack of motion controls). The game simply just works when injecting the UEVR mod. However, gameplay is awesome using gamepad.


The city is your canvas. Join the rebellious Valah and her RKGK crew to free the neo-brutalist Cap City from evil B Corp’s control. Collect secret treasures, find hidden paths, and light up the cold and grey concrete with your graffiti.

How fast can you go? Chain together jumps, dashes, glides, and grinds. Reach the perfect flow state in Defacer mode – where Valah’s world becomes her animated wonderland. Master routes and speed through levels as you take down Mr. Buff’s cronies with style.

Break through enemies, overload your senses, and take back control. Use Valah’s paint abilities for stylish traversal, chaotic mayhem, and leaving your vibrant mark on every corner of Cap City.

Channel your power through art and resist Mr. Buff’s mind-controlling technology. Restore freedom to the citizens of Cap City and test your abilities against the B Corp minions. Valah’s creativity and imagination is the spark to guide you through a dark, controlling world.

Color is power. Graffiti is resistance. Use art as the ultimate expression to speak for the underdog and light up the world. With plenty of paint and cosmetic customization options, Valah can reclaim her city and look great doing it.

RKGK / Rakugaki and Wabisabi are proud to be a part of Riot Games’ Underrepresented Founders program, working together to help increase diversity in game development.

Written by: Rob Cram

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