Cloudpunk First Person Camera Gameplay

Currently part of the beta build, ION Lands plans to add a first-person camera mode to their Cloudpunk game. We gave it a test-drive and found it even more immersive than the recently added third-person camera. Aside from a little tweaking with the height, it works really well and gives

Anno History Collection: Announce Trailer

Ubisoft announced ANNO History Collection which includes updated games that will work with your past save-games. These modernized versions will also feature up to 4K resolutions. Pre-Order the Anno History Collection now! Receive four beloved city-building classics and their expansions, fully updated for modern operating systems with resolutions all the

Saints Row The Third Remastered Review PC

Volition’s Saint’s Row The Third released back in November 2011. The game received solid reviews at the time and currently scores around 84/100 on sites such as Metacritic . We scored it a very respectable 8.5 out of 10. Since then, the game received a ton of DLC extra content