Riders Republic: World Trailer

Ubisoft showcases the vast world players can explore in their upcoming open-world racing game, Riders Republic which launches on consoles and PC on October 28th. ABOUT RIDERS REPUBLIC Live out the rider’s fantasy as you roam free in a huge, vibrant open world, always buzzing with other players around you.

Saints Row – The Districts of Santo Ileso

Developer Volition presents a look a the districts that will feature in the upcoming Saints Row game which releases early in 2022. Bright lights, big city – we have the biggest and best Saints Row city yet, and it’s packed with things to do. Santo Ileso has a crime problem,

HTC Poised to reveal new VR Headset?

Go with the flow is the slogan HTC are using for their ad campaign which is speculated for a new standalone VR headset. Save the date then, as the online event commences on October 14th at 16:00 UK time. For more details take a look at the official website. HTC