Senran Kagura PeachBall Gameplay PC 4K

Marvelous & Tamsoft released their Senran Kagura Peachball on PC this week. The game features some of the girls who have turned animalistic. An excuse then to change them back via the game of pinball or in this case Peachball. Oddities aside, if you like racking up high scores and

Conglomerate 451 Gameplay 4K – Update 0.5.0

The Runeheads posted a new Conglomerate 451 update 0.5.0 yesterday which improves the game further and adds a new character. Take a look at our Conglomerate 451 gameplay 4K to get up to speed on what’s new. Alternatively you can check out the changelog. NEW FEATURES: Hack Enemies: now, from

ION Fury Gameplay 4K 60 FPS

Take a look at some ION Fury gameplay 4K60 fps from the PC version. This is a throwback retro styled game and looks and plays very well. The game releases on August the 15th (leaves Early Access) and is a must play if you’re a fan of the old Duke