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Until We Die Gameplay 4K

We take a look at the opening tutorial survival moments in this Until We Die gameplay (side-scrolling strategy game). The game is available now on PC via Steam from developer Pixeye Games and provides a backdrop of exploration, resource gathering and surviving for 28 days without becoming overrun by the

Rise of Humanity – Cinematic Teaser Trailer

Take a look at the Rise of Humanity trailer before heading on over to Steam to try the demo. This is a grid based tactical, turn-based strategy game set within a dystopian world. The game will release later this year on PC. Rise of Humanity is a tactical turn-based deck-building card

Red Solstice 2 Merch Pack Unboxing & Gameplay

Today marks the day that Ironward’s tactical top-down strategic shooter, Red Solstice 2 launches on PC. To celebrate the launch, 505 Games sent us a merch pack which contains some branded goodies relating to the game. Take a look at our unboxing video alongside some gameplay. You can grab Red

Ratchet & Clank Tops UK Software Sales Chart

Interesting news that SONY’s PS5 exclusive, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart tops the UK software sales chart this week given the shortage of PS5s generally. That either means it has a very high attach rate, or there are more in UK homes than expected. Still, this news doesn’t come as

The Ascent Gameplay Trailer

Take a look at Curve Digital’s latest gameplay trailer for the upcoming cyberpunk themed, The Ascent. The game comes to consoles and PC, and as the video suggests will be a day one title via the Xbox Game Pass when it releases on July 29th.