Black State – Official Reveal Trailer

A new third-person action game with stealth elements Black State from Turkish developer Motion Blur.

Real-Time Door Mechanics: Experience the groundbreaking feature that allows players to transition seamlessly between levels without the interruption of loading screens. Watch as doors open to unexpected and diverse locations, creating a dynamic and nonrepetitive gameplay experience. These real-time transitions lead to different adventures, ensuring players never know which door opens to where adding an element of thrill and danger to every step of the journey. Players can also return through the same door, offering flexibility and control over their exploration.

Photorealistic Graphic & Optimization: Get a first look at the ultra-photorealistic graphics that bring Black State’s environments and characters to life. With our special pipeline, developed after a long R&D process, we can produce the most photorealistic graphics with unbelievable optimization. Our focus is to ensure that all gamers can enjoy Black State with stunning, immersive visuals that enhance the overall experience.

Extensive Weapons and Tactical Gadgets: The trailer offers a glimpse of the wide variety of weapons and tactical gadgets players will use to navigate intense combat scenarios and stealth sequences in Black State. In the game, you’ll handle an array of guns and master various tactical gadgets to survive. When time slows down, every move counts—choose wisely, as you never know what awaits you next. This dynamic and thrilling gameplay ensures that each decision is crucial, adding depth and strategy to your adventure. And remember, the trailer only scratches the surface; the full game offers much more
to explore and master.

Enemies & Close Combat: In the trailer, you’ll get a sneak peek of some of the enemies and combat animations featured in Black State. Guns and tactical gadgets won’t always save you from diverse enemies with unique skills. You’ll face elite human tactical forces and relentless Robosapiens—brutal killing machines designed for destruction. You can’t just wait in cover; if they sense your presence, they can call for reinforcements. To survive, you must master stealth and unleash one of over 100 brutal,
cinematic kill moves. Precision and cunning are your keys to overcoming these dangerous enemies. And remember, the trailer only scratches the surface—Black State has even more enemies and combat animations waiting to be discovered.

Boss Fights: In Black State, you’ll face numerous boss fights, each featuring unique patterns and mechanics that demand quick adaptation and strategic thinking. The trailer offers a sneak peek at one of these intense encounters, showcasing a cinematic experience and the challenging nature of the battles. We’re excited to reveal that there are many more epic boss
fights awaiting you in the game. Learn attack patterns, exploit weaknesses, and use your full arsenal to conquer these powerful foes. Get ready for intense, dynamic battles that will push your skills to the limit.

Engaging Storyline: The story itself is rich, mysterious, and emotional, designed to intrigue all gamers. Dive into a narrative filled with deep, engaging characters and unexpected twists. As you explore the game, you’ll uncover hidden secrets and experience an emotional journey that will captivate you from start to finish. The intricate plot keeps you invested, making every discovery meaningful and every moment impactful. Get ready to embark on a journey that will keep you on the edge
of your seat.

Synopsis: In Black State, a secret group of scientists known as the Architects summons you for a mysterious mission. Your task is to save captives and uncover the truth behind a cataclysmic event, with each door leading to new and unexpected locations. Are you ready to open them and face the unknown?

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