Eximius ‘Nemesis’ (Season 2) Launch trailer

Ammobox Studios presents Season 2 content for the RTS/FPS hybrid Eximius Seize the Frontline on PC. Check out the trailer before gathering more Intel via Steam. “Season 2 brings new battlesuits, weapon packages, unit abilities, division technologies, maps, cosmetics, progression system and quality of life improvements”. For a full list

Invitation to The 4th Episode of Dying 2 Know

Techland has announced that the airing of the next episode of Dying 2 Know will feature composer Olivier Deriviere alongside an unannounced special guest. The episode for the upcoming game Dying Light 2 Stay Human will air on September 30th at 8pm BST. You can catch the stream live via

DarKnot Trailer 2021

Developer ElbrusLab presents the action horror game, DarKnot which comes to PC via Steam. Whilst we wait for a release date, take a look at the trailer in case you missed it. DarKnot is a game about the extermination of monsters on the streets of a foggy city. Here you

FracturedVeil KickStarter Video

Developer Paddle Creek Games announced that their upcoming multiplayer survival game FracturedVeil reached its $100,000 Kickstarter campaign target with 16 days remaining. Take a look at the original campaign video. The game will launch in Early Access in Q2 2022.

Townsmen VR – 2021 Showcase

HandyGames has updated their Steam Early Access VR game, Townsmen VR which now offers much more content including having a whole world to explore. Current Early Access features A complete overhaul of Townsmen VR A fully voiced campaign and story arching over 13 islands Upgrades and add-ons for buildings Research is

The Good Life Release Date Announcement Trailer

SWERY’s new game entitled, The Good Life is described as a debt-repayment RPG/life sim adventure which releases on October 15th for PC via Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch. The Good Life is a captivating adventure game in which you play as Naomi, a New York-based photographer who has just

Kena: Bridge of Spirits – Release Trailer

The PS5 exclusive Kena: Bridge of Spirits from developer Ember Lab releases today and is described as “A story-driven action adventure with a stunning visual aesthetic combining exploration with fast-paced combat. Players find and grow a team of charming spirit companions called the Rot, enhancing their abilities and creating new

Sheltered 2 Launch Trailer

Team17 and Unicube Studios launched their management game Sheltered 2 for PC via GoG and Steam. Team17 describes the game as a “brutal survival management simulator set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Keep your faction of survivors alive, maintain your shelter, and scavenge the ravaged world for resources. Befriend and trade

Far Cry 6: Giancarlo Videos

Ubisoft released a series of Far Cry 6 videos which feature the game’s villainous dictator Giancarlo Esposito in various scenes including answering fan mail. The game releases on consoles and PC from October 7th.

Jagged Alliance 3 – Announcement Trailer

Coming to PC via Steam is the next game in the turn-based strategy series, Jagged Alliance 3 from developer Haemimont Games under the wings of THQ. “Grand Chien, a nation of rich natural resources and deep political divides, is thrown into chaos when the elected president goes missing and a