Taxi Chaos – Launch Trailer

Take a look at the madcap, Taxi Chaos which launched today. Players on Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and Switch can jump into their cars and rack-up those fares across New Yellow City. About Taxi Chaos Get behind the wheel and get ready for a brand-new taxi experience! Drive around the

Watch Dogs: Legion: Online Gameplay Overview

Remember Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Legion from the tail end of 2020? Well, it’s coming back into the fore with a new free multiplayer mode releasing March 9th. Take a look at the Watch Dogs: Legion: Online video which explains everything you need to know. Interesting release date as March 9th

Rainbow Six Siege: Year 6 Reveal

Here is the latest Rainbow Six Siege update for year 6. Amazing to think this game has evolved and lasted six years without Ubisoft creating a new game in the long-running franchise. ABOUT RAINBOW SIX SIEGE:Rainbow Six Siege is an exciting, new approach to the first-person shooter experience that puts

Diablo IV – Rogue Announcement Trailer

Blizzard announce a new class of character in this latest Diablo IV trailer which introduces the murderous Rogue character. The Rogue is the newest addition to the Diablo IV campfire, combining range and melee attacks with incredible speed and mobility. Prepare to slaughter hordes of the damned with imbued weapons

Persona 5 Strikers – Launch Trailer

Atlus/SEGA released a Persona 5 Strikers launch trailer as the game launches on PS4, Switch and PC from Feb 23rd 2021. This isn’t your usual RPG shenanigans, rather an action-based Musou style game. Persona 5 Strikers takes players on an epic road trip with the Phantom Thieves, where they strike

Lust from Beyond – Worldwide Date Reveal Trailer

Movie Games Lunarium posted a new trailer to showcase the final worldwide release date for Lust From Beyond, a horror game with erotic themes. Players can sample its delights from March 11th 2021 on PC via Steam. Lust from Beyond is a psychological horror with occult and erotic themes. The game