Dead Age 2 – Announcement Trailer

Survival management game, Dead Age 2 releases via Steam from June 3rd 2020. In the meantime, take a look at the announcement trailer to get a feel for what you’re up against. Dead Age 2 is a unique combination of survival, management, Rogue-Like events, turn-based combat, classic role-playing game with

SIGNALIS – Announcement Trailer

Developer Rose Engine presents the sci-fi dystopian themed action adventure survival horror game SIGNALIS on Steam. SIGNALIS is a classic survival horror experience with a unique aesthetic, full of melancholic mystery. Investigate a dark secret, solve puzzles, fight off nightmarish creatures and navigate dystopian, surreal retrotech worlds.

Skater XL – Gameplay Trailer

Easy Day Studios presents Skater XL coming to consoles this July. Take a look at the gameplay trailer to get a taste of what to expect. Play as skating icons Tiago Lemos, Evan Smith, Tom Asta or Brandon Westgate on your way to becoming a skateboarding pro.