Cloudpunk First Person Camera Gameplay

Currently part of the beta build, ION Lands plans to add a first-person camera mode to their Cloudpunk game. We gave it a test-drive and found it even more immersive than the recently added third-person camera. Aside from a little tweaking with the height, it works really well and gives

Silicon Rising Free Locomotion Is A Game-Changer

Developer Kukrgame promised a major-update coming soon to their cyberpunk-themed VR shooter Silicon Rising. Today we’ve sampled the updated game and can safely say it’s a massive improvement but also makes the game feel like a totally fresh experience. Previously, player movement was on-rails dictated by the story, but now

Danger Scavenger Gameplay Demo

The rogue-like Danger Scavenger releases next month (June 17th on consoles and PC) and looks rather cool to boot. We played through the demo which released recently and made our way to the boss (although it’s here where the demo ends). The game has a neat cyberpunk theme to it