The Ascent – Cyber Heist Gameplay – 4K PC RTX ON

Released on Thursday 18th August, Neon Giant and Curve Games presents the cyberpunk themed isometric shooter, The Ascent Cyber Heist DLC for consoles and PC. It offers some new locations, weapons and enemies and will set you back around £5-7 depending on whether you take advantage of any discounts (currently

Tower of Fantasy Gameplay PC 4K

Now live for mobile and PC gamers is the rather cool looking futuristic action RPG Tower of Fantasy. We take a look at the opening hour or so from the PC in stunning 4K. You can download the F2P game from: https://www.toweroffantasy-global.com

Tower of Fantasy Male & Female Customization 4K

Here we take a quick look at the Tower of Fantasy female and male character customization options on the PC version as part of the pre-load which lets you create your character in advance. Download the pre-install version at https://www.toweroffantasy-global.com/ . The game launches proper on August 11th in 16

HITMAN 3 VR Gameplay Ambrose Island

We take a look at the recent HITMAN 3 new location Ambrose Island Shadows in the Water mission and take out the targets, complete the mission in VR (using a HP Reverb G2). Hitman 3 VR is actually pretty decent, despite having some control oddities and poor menu navigation. The