PAMELA Gameplay – Opening Final Build

Here is a quick look at the PAMELA gameplay from the opening of the final version which released on June 18th after so many years in early access. Available now on PC via Steam. Explore, fight, and survive as an awakened sleeper, in a fallen utopian city ravaged by a

Mosaique Neko Waifus 2 Gameplay & Preview

We take a look at the rather cool puzzle cum visual novel game Mosaique Neko Waifus 2 on PC. The game has you rotating tiles to complete various animated images of some furrie looking young ladies. It serves as a pleasant distraction to test the grey matter. As you progress

Woojer Strap Edge Review

We finally got our hands on the Kickstarter backed Woojer Strap Edge (Backed in October 2019). After giving it plenty of play-time with various content such as music, games, VR Games and videos we offer our Woojer Strap Edge review. First things first, Woojer Strap Edge isn’t going to appeal

Skyhill Black Mist Gameplay 4K

Here is a quick look at the opening moments of the recently released Skyhill Black Mist from developer Mandragora. If you enjoyed the original then this looks like a massive upgrade in terms of visuals which now offer a more stylised 3D top down look compared to the side-on view.