Showgunners Gameplay – Opening mission 4K

Take a look at the recently released Showgunners gameplay on PC from developer Artificer. The game is an ode to the 90s style movies like Running Man where contestants fight to-the-death for their freedom. In a dystopian future where corporations rule, a brutal reality show is the hottest entertainment

Captain Hardcore Gameplay May 2023 Update 0.16

In this video we return to developer AntiZero’s game in development Captain Hardcore, which will be available for PC gamers with or without a VR headset (including a Quest standalone version). In the video we play entirely via the desktop mode using a gamepad. The game features lots of adult

ArcRunner Gameplay – Cyberpunk Roguelike Shooter

TrickJump Games just released their cyberpunk themed rogue-like shooter, ArcRunner today on PC via Steam. The game offers a neat shooter experience where you can level-up between runs and equip power-ups and acquire new weapons/gadgets. It also looks pretty cool to boot, with a nice synthwave soundtrack to wrap things