Among the Sleep Review

Today is your 2nd Birthday, you’re enjoying your favourite drink and a nice slice of cake, and before you even get to open your presents it’s clear that something’s not quite right. Darkness looms, and there’s an ominous, demon searching for you, and on top of that your mother has

Telsagrad Review

Platformers have been around since the start of console gaming and players have had a plethora of games to choose from with each generation. It is a shame that some developers have their games buried in an overcrowded marketplace leaving it up to the masses to sift through all the

Dead Island Definitive Collection Review

Deep Silver and Polish developers Techland have upped their game with the release of Dead Island Definitive Collection bundle which includes three games, a remastered Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide and a bonus arcade game Dead Island Retro Revenge. You’re able to purchase the games separately for £12 (£4

Overwatch Review

Anyone who was a part of the last console generation might remember the “war” between Infamous and Prototype (or inFamous and [PROTOTYPE] if you’re a stickler for stylized capitalization and pointless punctuation) as both games launched around the same time and were both superpower-fueled sandbox extravaganzas. As I begin to

Fortified Review

B-movies changed Hollywood back in the 1950s and have slowly evolved over the years, but have always stayed true to the over-the-top acting and non-stop action & thrills the genre has been known for. Video games have incorporated the B-movie feel over the years producing some cult classics like “Deadly