Fortified Review

B-movies changed Hollywood back in the 1950s and have slowly evolved over the years, but have always stayed true to the over-the-top acting and non-stop action & thrills the genre has been known for. Video games have incorporated the B-movie feel over the years producing some cult classics like “Deadly

Homefront The Revolution Review

Deep Silver took over the Homefront IP from THQ when it closed and has breathed life into the sequel of the original 2011 release. Homefront The Revolution releases on consoles and PC and allows gamers the chance to take back America from an invading North Korean force. However, this time


Square Enix released its mobile and PC game HITMAN GO on the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift having enjoyed success on PC. We reviewed the PC version last year and found it a rather neat puzzle game featuring everyone’s favourite hitman (Agent 47). The game is a far cry

Postal Redux Review

Running With Scissors are back with a remastering of the original 1997 isometreic twin stick shooter, Postal with Postal Redux. With a fresh lick of paint against a more desensitized audience how well does the game stack up and is it worth a revisit for a second time. Take a

DOOM 2016 Review

id Software brings its DOOM series into the fore with DOOM 2016 which offers no-nonsense fast paced shooting action against hordes of demons. With so many shooters available now on consoles and PC how well does the old school vibe hold up and more importantly is DOOM worth a punt.

Battleborn Review

This is common knowledge, but prior to the release of a game or movie, and especially in the months and weeks leading up to its premier or launch, marketing teams start to really amp up campaigns to make their target demographics aware of the impending release of their product. Despite

SUPERHOT Review Xbox One

Although I’m somewhat prone to hyperbole, I am not exaggerating when I say that coming up with a description for SUPERHOT is one of the harder tasks I’ve undertaken as a writer. It’s definitely a first person shooter of some description, but I almost want to call it a puzzle