Destiny House of Wolves Review

Destiny has entertained its loyal followers for some 8 months now and comes with a new piece of downloadable content following on from The Dark Below which released just months after the main game. The House of Wolves adds much more for your money but ultimately is it worth the

Slice Zombies Kinect Review

Zombies are killed by trauma to the head and most zombie movies or games really drive home that age old theme. However, nothing can be denied that hacking zombies up with a katana or other sword looks like pure bliss and makes you feel like a ninja warrior, just watch

Tale of Tales Sunset Review

Tale of Tales Sunset arrives on PC and offers some first person point and click adventuring for those who like a bit of storytelling. With limited gameplay on offer and some patience required, is this worthy of your time and money? Take a look at our Tale of Tales Sunset

Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 Review

Millions of us are out there right now with over 5 years of ninja training under our belts ready to take on the world… or at least able to slice up fruit for smoothies after all those hours of Fruit Ninja. It was a smash hit for the Kinect and

Mortal Kombat X Review

Fighting games always instil a sense of nostalgia in me from the era of the arcades. When Mortal Kombat burst on to the scene in 1992 it changed the face of the fighting genre and forever set the bar for the next game to become bigger, badder, and bloodier. Over