Stealth Inc 2 Review

We Stealth Inc 2 from Curve digital enters the fray after the successful first game and makes its appearance on Xbox One, PS4 and eventually The Wii U. The game is a puzzler of sorts with some stealth elements to make the game more sneaky. However, is it worthy of

Slender: The Arrival Console Review

We take a look at the console version of Slender: The Arrival which offers some dark and tense thrills and spills of horror with its moody themes and newly included story. If you’re a fan of horror games and missed out on the original PC release then this might be

Ziggurat Review

Milkstone Studios releases its first person shooter dungeon crawler to the masses in Ziggurat which is available now on Xbox One and PC. With a rogue-like flavour is this worth sinking the £11.99 asking price? Take a look at our Ziggurat review for the full picture. Ziggurat Review: Today we’re

Ori and the Blind Forest Review

Moon Studios action platforming adventure game Ori and the Blind Forest arrives on Xbox One and PC and offers a compelling journey across the forest of Nibel. With some exceptional hand drawn artworks and a rousing musical score, is this a game worth picking up for its relatively low price

Borderlands The Handsome Collection Review

We look at Gearbox Software’s Borderlands The Handsome Collection bundle which arrives some years after the original Borderlands 2 game and not long after Borderlands The Pre-sequel. With two games rolled into one, local and online play, transferable saves and featuring all the additional content, is this a worthwhile venture

Final Fantasy Type-0 Review

Square Enix released the 2011 PSP game Final Fantasy Type 0 for Xbox One and PS4 gamers with the addition of a HD moniker to suggest an improvement with the visuals. It’s another game in the long running series and serves as a reminder of how diverse the Japanese role