Cyberpunk Edgerunners Lucy Anime Dakimakura Pillow Review

We take a look at the totally awesome Cyberpunk Edgerunners Lucy Anime Dakimakura Pillow in this review. The items were sent by ADP, who make these covers and pillows and can even do custom designs.


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Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Rob Cram and today we’re taking a look at the totally awesome Anime Dakimakura Pillow (not sure I pronounced that right so from now on we’ll just call them ADP)  featuring the one and only Cyberpunk Edgerunners character and netrunner Lucyna “Lucy” Kushinada.  We’ll call her Lucy from now-on too!

Firstly, a little bit about the company, formed in 2005 to provide anime lovers the opportunity to carry around with them (and hug), their favourite anime characters on life-sized pillows. Such a wonderful philosophy in my opinion and hats-off to them as they are still going strong 2023.

Now if you peruse their website store, you will find all manner of anime imagery, some for over 18s, others more family orientated. What makes this store extra special, is an option to have you own design printed on the pillow case. Which is just fantastic, because I can vouch for the quality of the print which we will talk about more in moment.

So, first-things-first. For these life-sized pillows and cases, it will cost you roughly £120 or 150USD. Free shipping for orders over $50/£50.  However, you might want to swap the cases and therefore will only need to buy one pillow initially. So, the cases are roughly just under 50 quid. It might seem a high price for a pillow, but, it has to be stated, it’s quite large with the following dimensions. The one we have here is a  New Super Comfort & Deluxe Grand Siberian Inner Pillow – Dakimakura 150 x 50cm (59in x 19.6in) / 160 x 50cm (63in x 19.6in)  comprising of Basic Soft Polyester with no extra stuffing, although that is an option if you desire.  There are other options available as well.

The wonderful cover, featuring Lucy from Cyberpunk Edgerunners, is the ADP Lucyna Kushinada – Cyberpunk Anime Dakimakura Japanese Pillow Cover ADP-PC-221060 comprising of Material: Peach Skin, Size: 150cm (59″). There are several cover types to go for as well depending on your desires ranging from the Peach skin we have here, to Japanese Textile, natural velvet and the most expensive option two-way tricot (which is almost double the price of the peach skin for your reference). 

So, let’s just take a quick look at the package sent to me courtesy of ADP, which included a case dust cover and some other bits-and-bobs including, a neat key ring and discount voucher for future purposes. Delivery took from when it was sent on the 27th of march – and was delivered by April 3rd which is quite a snappy turnaround. Each case is hand crafted and printed, which means, it might take a few days to get that all done before they actually ship, so bear that in mind. I will assume, more popular characters they will already have them printed in advance for quicker delivery. 

Next up a quick look at actually putting the cover on, not as easy as you might assume unless I am missing something? Much like putting bed covers on, I turned the cover inside-out, then placed on the opposing corners, then pulled it over and brought it down to the other end. There is a handy zip to seal it all up which is fairly well hidden. Then a little bit of plumping, and voila!! One (almost) life-size Lucy, to cuddle up to or rest my head on like a close female pal, just chilling out relaxing together. 

You might have noticed, and this is another thing that is cool about ADP cases, is the fact there are two versions of Lucy, a front and back. Take your pick! Both look rather splendid, and if you’re wondering, ADP have Rebecca from Cyberpunk Edgerunners in their web store.  They also have lewd versions available of said characters, showing-off a little more skin in an 18+ manner if you catch-my-drift. 

Overall then, the quality of the cover is magnificent, soft to the touch and just feels like a premium product (and rightly so given the cost). The image quality is a work of art and really stands-out nice and sharp with not a single blurry element.  I am not sure if I would feel comfortable sleeping with it as a regular pillow (what with dribble in one’s sleep and whatnot). These are washable, but I cannot vouch for whether they will or will not fade over time from repeat washes. I assume they will eventually depending on what detergents and temperature is used. For my tastes, I would suggest just using these as a comfort pillow when required, and a nice ornamental collectible item to have in your gaming or anime space. Lucy is far too good to be dived-on night-after-night although I suppose you could do that if that’s your calling. 

I am very impressed with these covers and the pillow itself, is nice and soft to rest on and would be interesting to compare with other options available. Therefore, I am sold on these covers and might experiment in a future video using a custom print to see how that works out. I think a lengthways panoramic shot of Night City from the game would look really nice with a day on one side, and night on the other showing the same scene. Easily obtainable from the game. Watch this space. As for lewd and the ever so opinionated Rebecca, I might just invest in those too at some point and if I do will be sure to showcase them here. 

ADP is such a great fan-service idea that I can’t recommend it enough having now experienced first-hand.

OK I will leave links in the description to the same case that I have demoed here, alongside a link where you can get a discount on their store.  In addition, if you frequent their Facebook pages they do weekly giveaways where you could snag something neat. 

OK I’m a very happy and now sleepy Rob Cram thanks for watching. 

ADP Lucyna Kushinada – Cyberpunk Anime Dakimakura Japanese Pillow Cover

Written by: Rob Cram

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