Xbox Previews

Torment:Tides of Numenera 4K Gameplay

The deep and meaningful Torment:Tides of Numenera from inXile Entertainment released on PC, Xbox One and PS4. For those of you who like a bit more depth to their role playing, then this is well worth a look. For those undecided take a look at some 30 minutes gameplay in

Mr Shifty Gameplay Beta

Mr Shifty from Team Shifty is an action packed top down fighter which allows you to battle your way through various levels using hand to hand and melee weapons. However, a neat feature is being able to teleport to get the drop on opponents who all seem to be armed

Sniper Elite 4 Killing Hitler (Again)

Sniper Elite games seem to be obsessed with taking out the Fuhrer or one of his clones and Sniper Elite 4 is no exception. Players can embark on an additional mission which allows you to change the outcome of the war with a single bullet. Take a look at the

Rainbow Six Siege Coastline Map Gameplay

Ubisoft released its Rainbow Six Siege Operation Velvet Shell update yesterday and with it comes a new map “Coastline” which features an Ibiza styled club. It’s a colourful map full of tight corners and multiple entry points split across two levels. Take a look at the map in action in