Xbox Previews

Rad Rodgers Xbox One X Gameplay Opening

Here’s a quick look at the opening moments of Rad Rodgers available now on Xbox One. Jump and shoot your way through the game whilst finding keys and collecting diamonds in this throwback game given a lick of modern colour. The video is from the Xbox One X version with

The Beast Inside 4K Demo – GTX 1080 Ti

Take a look at this non narrated, no wimpy screaming gameplay demo of the upcoming horror game, The Beast Inside from Polish developers Illusion Ray. The purpose of the video is not only highlight the current Kickstarter campaign which you can support, but how well the game is currently running

Metal Gear Survive Gameplay Advanced (Solo)

Konami’s Metal Gear Survive takes quite a number of hours before it reveals its true self so you might be of the thought it’s quite a basic affair after the opening. However, once you reach beyond chapter 10 you will start finding your home base growing and in need of