PlayStation 2 Games Comes to The PS4

Sony are poised to reveal Playstation 2 emulation on the PS4 however this is not to be confused with backwards compatibility. So you can put away those old PS2 discs and purchased the games all over again, except this time there’s all the functionality you’d expect from today’s games like

Free Playstation Plus weekender

Sony recently announced the start of a free Playstation Plus weekender commencing from 08.00 BST on Friday 26th September to 08.00 BST on Monday 29th September. The offer is available to all PS4 owners with no sign up required either which means you can jump in to the online portions

Destiny Offline equals Nothing to Play or See

Bungie’s online shooter Destiny has seemingly gone offline for gamers playing via the PSN and Xbox Live. If you were playing, then you would have been booted from the game world to the main menu where attempting to login again presents an error message. Bungie hasn’t commented on this yet,

Abyss Odyssey Launch Trailer

Not to be confused with Abe’s Odyseey, comes a side scrolling action adventure game from Atlus entitled Abyss Odyssey which is available now via the PSN for the PS3 at £11.99 (8.39 for PS Plus members) and on PC via Steam for £10.99.  Take a look at the launch and

Blue Estate tears up PS4 from tomorrow

The tongue in cheek rail shooter, Blue Estate makes its presence well felt when it arrives on PS4 via the PSN tomorrow. Gamers who are PS Plus members will automatically receive a 20% discount when they buy the game.  Take a look at the trailer to get an idea of

Worms Battlegrounds Review

Worms Battlegrounds from developer Team 17 is the latest in a long line up of games in the series and in this latest iteration opts to maintain its 2D roots but with a touch of 2.5 thrown in as well. From the main menu, you’re presented with local and online

SoulCalibur II Online Nightmare VS Mitsurugi HD

Namco Bandai Games released a new SoulCalibur II Online video which features classic fighters Nightmare versus Mitsurugi in HD action. The game releases soon on PS3 and Xbox 360, and will feature crossover characters Spawn and Heiachi in both versions as well as online support and various game modes.

Girl Fight sexy artwork gallery

Kung Fu Factory’s Girl Fight released last week and features an all female fighting line-up to battle through. Every fight in the game earns players credits which can be spent on special moves, biographies, and some art work which seems to be pure fan service. The artwork, features each combatant