Destiny Offline equals Nothing to Play or See

Bungie’s online shooter Destiny has seemingly gone offline for gamers playing via the PSN and Xbox Live. If you were playing, then you would have been booted from the game world to the main menu where attempting to login again presents an error message. Bungie hasn’t commented on this yet, and it’s not clear whether this latest disconnection will last minutes or much longer, however it isn’t the first time this has happened.


destiny offline



Meanwhile, Destiny offline as a game means it’s completely unplayable when these issues occur, where there’s nothing to see or do other than trying to reconnect or go outside and get some fresh air. Some have suggested hackers (Lizard Squad) were at work in the most recent outage earlier today (which has since been corrected -Ed.) causing a DDoS attack for maximum disruption according to these tweets, but this might not be the case. Either way, a number of gamers were probably pretty annoyed during the disruption and what’s really sour is the fact that a lot of the game’s content (Grimoire cards earned from completing tasks in-game) is tied to the external website instead of being accessed via an incorporated encyclopaedia and stats. Imagine how downtime could have been spent going through the wealth of information contained within the cards. The Grimoire cards and their details can be easily overlooked, but with a bit of investigation there’s some neat info and bonus progress to check out as well as lots of information about the Destiny world and its inhabitants. It’s understandable why Destiny is an online only game, but does that always have to mean all or nothing?

Written by: Rob Cram

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  1. spideynut71 September 21, 2014 |

    I picked up a used copy today, just to give it a whirl, and it’s going back tomorrow. I was only interested in the solo portion of the game, which SHOULD have an offline/local option. But no…Bungie, in their infinite wisdom, decided ALL content must be online at all times, or nothing at all, thanks to the stupid forced “co-op” and “shared world” BS, which is annoying at best (Yes…I really needed that Lvl 20 @sshat jumping in and killing all my Lvl 3 enemies, stealing my XP, then leaving….I hope we meet up again ◔_◔ ).
    So, I tried to play through the early salvage mission, to repair my ship, and after 3 tries….all interrupted by network issues….I gave up. No mission progress was saved, and I had no option to manual save either. Even without the network problems, my ISP is constantly having hiccups….which generally aren’t an issue, since I don’t play any MP/MMO games at all. But as a long-time Halo/Bungie fan, I naturally wanted to give Destiny a try. But now I know I dodged wasting $60 on a pretty drink coaster. Thank you Gamestop, for your 7-day used game return policy.

  2. Da GeeZ September 21, 2014 |

    So Destiny is an online only drm game?!!! I didn’t now this, I thought single player would of been offline?!!!
    Where’s the uproar from the ps4 fans? Where’s the demands for the game to work offline?
    Bungie has taken you all for fools, and the shame is that Bungie is right… you are all fools if you purchased Destiny.

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