Girl Fight demo gameplay

The long waited all female fighting game Girl Fight from Kung Fu Factory is now available on the Xbox Live Arcade  and PSN for £6.99 and to showcase what the demo has to offer, take a look at this Girl Fight demo gameplay video.  

Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death Review

Everyone loves a good B movie that delivers a ton of entertainment despite the lack of budget. Sometimes it is the cheesy charm of the characters, the outrageous plot, or the predictability of what is going to happen next that keeps you watching, even though movie critics around the globe

Resogun screenshots

Developed by Housemarque OY and coming to the PS4 and PSN is the colourful Resogun. Take a look at the screenshots in our gallery and have a read of the game details. This one is for shooter fans. OVERVIEW From Housemarque OY, the creators of Super Stardust HD™ and Dead

rain Story Trailer

An interesting looking game coming to the PS3 entitled, rain which has players controlling two silhouettes whose journeys intertwine to discover a mysterious world of rain. Check out the trailer and some screenshots. [nggallery id=87]  

Flashback will contain secret elements for fans

We sampled the delights of Flashback at Ubisoft’s April Digital event showcase earlier this week and had a chat with the game’s co-writer Simon McKenzie who stated that the game was something creator Paul Cuisset would have liked to have made in the 90s but obviously due to technical limitations

Thunder Wolves new Trailer

Gamers looking for some cool 3D shoot em up action with attack choppers will be pleased to learn that Most Wanted Entertainment released a new trailer for their Thunder Wolves game which is heading to PC XBLA, PSN this spring. Take a look at the action packed and splendid looking

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams review

I’ve reviewed a lot of games throughout the years, and while I’ve reviewed some pretty big ones, I think that Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams might be the first game I’ve reviewed that I’d call “history making.” Even if you ignore the history behind the franchise, dating as far back as

Thunder Wolves screenshots

Thunder Wolves is an aerial based shooter coming to PSN , PC and the XBLA and looks like offering some thrilling combat. Today, Hungarian developers Most Wanted Entertainment released some stunning screenshots and game details. For more information head on over to the official site at In Thunder Wolves, the player