Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Review

The original Mirror’s Edge from Scandinavian developers DICE was a breath of fresh air when it released way back in 2008 and is one of my most memorable games of the period having released on consoles and PC. For me its charms were the fact its a first person action

Mirror’s Edge vs Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (2008 – 2016)

The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Beta is in full swing showing off some impressive visuals and more open world gameplay. However, the graphics are a different matter entirely which when compared to their predecessor raise the question: which is more favourable? It’s likely preferences are purely subjective where the 2008 Mirror’s

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst 4K Looks Stunning

DICE has reworked their Frostbite engine for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst which provides a number of neat visual effects to marvel at. On PC the option to up the resolution to 4K is a must and although using a GTX 980 Ti you’re limited to around 30 frames per second instead