Which Looks Better Mirror’s Edge or Mirror’s Edge Catalyst?

There’s a massive 8 year gap between DICE’s original Mirror’s Edge (2008) and the most recent release Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (2016) so it’s safe to expect some visual differences between the two games. However, when looking at both games juxtaposed there’s some doubts whether the latest game looks better or not due to differences in artistic direction. It has to be said, the original release was a more linear offering whereas Catalyst provides an open playground to explore which in terms of visuals creates its own set of rules; mostly open world games can’t match the quality of more confined details. We posted a couple of comparison videos when the Catalyst beta was in full swing and judging by some of the comments it seems there’s a divide between those who favour the looks of Mirror’s Edge and those who believe Catalyst is superior. Perhaps it’s quite telling that there’s discussion about this in the first place given the 8 years between the two games where it’s assumed the latest game on more powerful hardware should reign supreme. Either way, Catalyst does seems to offer more details making for a finer living breathing city, whereas there’s something rather special about the original’s minimalistic approach. As far as we’re concerned both games have their merits, but we prefer the more lived in feel of Catalyst if we’re to pick one over the other. As a reminder take a look at the two videos and decide for yourselves.

Written by: Rob Cram

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