Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge vs Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (2008 – 2016)

The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Beta is in full swing showing off some impressive visuals and more open world gameplay. However, the graphics are a different matter entirely which when compared to their predecessor raise the question: which is more favourable? It’s likely preferences are purely subjective where the 2008 Mirror’s

E3 2014 Trailers and Media Round Up Day 2

Day one has been overflowing with E3 2014 trailers and media which can viewed by clicking the link below. Day two has just as many trailers to check out as Ubisoft wrap up and Sony go into high gear.     CLICK HERE FOR DAY ONE┬áMEDIA ROUND UP   CLICK

Mirror’s Edge review

When the first images of Mirror’s Edge were presented to us, I was intrigued by the art direction and very interested in the game’s premise. You are Faith, a runner in a modern, yet futuristic city where an oppressive regime monitors all electronic activity. To send mail securely the runners