Project Cars Console Graphics Settings Detailed

Slightly Mad Studios has included a number of graphics settings for the console version of their soon to be released Project Cars racing game. Whether these affect performance is unclear but at least it’s good to see gamers on consoles given a choice as to how the game looks and

Top 6 Next Gen Graphically Impressive Games

Today we’re taking a look at the top next gen graphically impressive games and their graphics effects we’ve seen on the now current gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One.  Obviously we’re seeing higher resolutions all round, but there’s a greater emphasis on things like character model detail, lighting, physics and other effects

Are gamers expecting too much from next gen consoles

There’s nothing wrong with being excited for new things, it’s a human characteristic that instils a feeling of well-being that can only be seen as a positive in an industry filled with so much negativity. But then on the flip side, when the same over-eager anticipation turns to disappointment there’s

Number of on screen characters no longer a focus

We remember a long time ago interviewing George Andreas in Tokyo 2005 asking him about the game Kameo Elements of Power and how the forthcoming Xbox 360 provided them (Rare) the power to create more believable worlds filled with far more characters on screen at any one time. Kameo was

Is Halo 4 the best looking game on Xbox

Now that Halo 4 is in the hands of everyone and anyone who cares, it will be interesting to see how a varied pool of opinions feel about the graphics of the game. We’ve already thrown down the gauntlet when we first beavered away through the campaign last week, but