PS4 and Xbox 720 graphics – this is what gamers can expect (video)

With next gen systems rumored to be using AMD based GPUs and with some people suggesting revised versions of the 7800 – 7900 series graphics cards which have been available to PC gamers for quite some time, here some footage from the PC using such devices (in this case a HD 7870) as a showcase of PS4 and Xbox 720 graphics – this is what gamers can expect. The game running¬† is Crysis 2 using the MaLDo HD 4.0 Beta mod which improves the levels of detail and textures from Crytek’s already visually impressive game.

NOTE: Encoding & Youtube compression has reduced the quality by quite some margin.  The video is best viewed in 1080p.

PS4/ Xbox 720 graphics video

Current Gen comparison video:

Written by: Rob Cram

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