Next gen

Top 6 Next Gen Graphically Impressive Games

Today we’re taking a look at the top next gen graphically impressive games and their graphics effects we’ve seen on the now current gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One.  Obviously we’re seeing higher resolutions all round, but there’s a greater emphasis on things like character model detail, lighting, physics and other effects

Number of on screen characters no longer a focus

We remember a long time ago interviewing George Andreas in Tokyo 2005 asking him about the game Kameo Elements of Power and how the forthcoming Xbox 360 provided them (Rare) the power to create more believable worlds filled with far more characters on screen at any one time. Kameo was

Most wanted next gen gameplay improvements

There’s an argument and perhaps a conundrum when it comes to Next Generation gaming, in that for some people the personification of next gen boils down to how well a game looks; but aside from pretty graphics, what changes can and should gamers expect from new hardware rolling out next