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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Review

The original Mirror’s Edge from Scandinavian developers DICE was a breath of fresh air when it released way back in 2008 and is one of my most memorable games of the period having released on consoles and PC. For me its charms were the fact its a first person action

Skynet Rising – First Person Shooter VR Trailer

GameIndica Entertainment posted a trailer for their upcoming Oculus Rift VR first person shooter survival game Skynet Rising. The game has entered the Steam Greenlight stage and needs your support. Check out the trailer, the Steam Greenlight submission and the official website for more details. Definitely one to keep a

BERSERK Game – Promo Trailer

Koei Tecmo released a new promo trailer for their upcoming Berserk game which was revealed at E3 this year. Take a look and see the action based gameplay. It’s early days for Berserk and even the name might change over time but at least we can see it in action.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII Videos

Koei Tecmo released a selection of Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII videos including a new trailer and some gameplay videos which look at the Civic Development and Bond System from this historic strategy game. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII will release on PS4, and PC from July 8th