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F1 2015 Features Trailer

Codemasters released a new F1 2015 features trailer which looks at the game in action ahead of its July 10th release. What’s worth noting is this latest game in the long running series will make its début on Xbox One and PS4 bringing more race hungry fans into the fold.

Nordic Games Announces ELEX

Nordic Games has teamed up with Piranha Bytes and today announced a new open world action role playing game entitled ELEX coming to current gen consoles and PC in 2016/17. There’s little to no details as of yet but you can join the community at the official website. About ELEX

Victor Vran Story Trailer & Release Date

Haemimont Games has just announced that its forthcoming demon hunting action role playing game Victor Vran will release via Steam on July 24th 2015 for PC Mac and Linux. To mark the occasion they released a new story trailer to get you up to speed on events. In the mean

Allison Road – Prototype Gameplay Video

Allison Road is a first-person survival horror game currently in development by newly founded UK studio Lilith Ltd. Today they released a 13 minute gameplay demo video from the pre-alpha version to give a taste of what to expect. Check out the video and be very afraid.