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Destiny Planet View Trailer

Bungie posted a new Destiny Planet View trailer which shows off the now available Planet view website which allows users the chance to explore the planets using a Google earth style application. Destiny launches on last and current gen consoles next week on the 9th and is looking like one

Runers available now on Steam

Lets Get Kraken’s dungeon rogue like game Runers is available now via Steam and comes with a 25%  launch discount to boot making it £5.24 . If you like the intensity of  action adventure and loads of mobs then this is worth a look as it provides procedurally generated dungeons,

Warframe Xbox One Free to Play hits Xbox Live

Online gamers with Xbox Live Gold accounts can now sink their teeth, and hours into Digital Extremes’ free to play Warframe Xbox One which is available now. After enjoying months of success on the PS4 and PC, this third person sci-fi shooter should certainly pull in the punters. Head on