Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V Balrog Reveal Trailer

Capcom released a new video which showcases the boxer character based on Mike Tyson (Balrog) who joins the ranks of other combatants in Street Fighter V. He was originally called M.Bison but then due to complexities with the name in the west became Balrog as we see him today. In

In Defence of Capcom & Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V has launched today on PS4 and PC although the release is currently plagued with server issues and for some lacking in content even though Capcom have been pretty clear with what’s included with the game at this time. There’s more content to come for those willing to

Street Fighter V Review (Video)

Capcom unleashes its latest Street Fighter game on PS4 and PC with a selection of characters, modes and stages to do battle. But rather than opt for a standalone game has upped the ante with a game open to updates so that in the future everyone has access to the

Street Fighter V 4K Looks Rather Sexy (Videos)

Capcom’s Street Fighter V releases on PS4 and PC next week but one advantage the PC version has over its Playstation brethren is the option to crank up the display resolution to 4K. The game already looks rather fresh at 1080p but the details become even more pronounced in 4K