Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V Game Modes Trailer

Capcom has today at the Taipei Game Show released a new Street Fight V trailer which explores all of the different game modes players can expect at launch. There’s a Tutorial mode for first time fighters, Character Story mode where players can begin to explore the background of their favourites,

Street Fighter V – Story Expansion Trailer

Capcom released a new Street Fighter V story trailer which shows off some elements of the game’s story mode which is a route to unlocking more characters and finding some depth beyond the fighting. Capcom also announced a final beta test ahead of the game’s Feb 16th release date. The

Street Fighter V Opening Cinematic

Capcom released a new Street Fighter V opening cinematic video to get gamers into the fighting spirit ahead of the game’s full release early next year on PS4 and PC. The game will feature an impressive roster of fighters which include old classics and new blood aplenty.

Street Fighter V Tutorial Gameplay Video

Capcom released a new Street Fighter V tutorial gameplay video which shows more of the English dialogue on offer and what gamers can do to hone their skills in the training mode. Street Fighter V is coming to PC and PS4 in early 2016. About: Hey everyone, as you may

Street Fighter V Release Date Announced & More

Yesterday during Paris Games Week Sony media briefing Capcom’s Yoshiniro Ono announced that February 16th 2016 will be the release date for Street Fighter V game (PS4/PC) and joked about the leaked details which Eurogamer Portugal had revealed earlier in the day in error. He also mentioned there wil be

Street Fighter V Laura Trailer

Capcom released a new trailer which this time looks at the Street Fighter V Laura character who is new to the series and comes from Brazil. Her fighting style is a grapple based Jiu Jitsu/capoeira and she looks mighty feisty as you can see in the images.    

Street Fighter V Karin announcement trailer

Capcom has released a new trailer for their forthcoming Street Fighter V which introduces the female fighter character Karin. About Karin: Behind Karin’s golden locks and razer-sharp sharp wit lies a true martial artist trained in the unique “Kanzuki style” of fighting. Utilizing her new dash move allows her to