Lionhead Studios

Fable Legends is now Free to Play

Lionhead Studios has just announced that its forthcoming action role playing game Fable Legends for Xbox One and PC will be free to play. To mark the announcement take a look at the accompanying trailer before heading on over to the official website for more details of this exciting development.

Fable Legends Cross Play coming to Xbox One and PC

Microsoft and Lionhead Studios has just announced that its forthcoming action adventure multiplayer RPG Fable Legends will not only be coming to the Xbox One, but also PC. What’s more, gamers from both platforms will be able to play with each other in co-op or competitively. You can take a

Fable Legends Closed Beta Update

Lionhead Studios has just posted a Fable Legends closed Beta Update detailing what they have planned when select gamers get to try the game from the 16th of October on Xbox One. The main thing to be aware of, once registered not all will be able to jump in right

Fable Anniversary PC teaser trailer

Lionhead Studios has just released a teaser trailer which suggests that after much petitioning  Fable Anniversary will be heading to PC soon.  It’s not clear if the game will feature any additional content above the Xbox 360 version, but at least the floodgates are now open for an Xbox One

Fable Anniversary launch vidoc

Lionhead Studios’ remastering of the Xbox classic Fable is now available in North America with a Euro release on Friday 7th. To mark the occasion, take a look at this behind the scenes vidoc which looks at the creative process behind the new game for Xbox 360.

Fable Anniversary first 10 minutes video

We’ve been playing a preview build of Lionhead’s remastered Fable Anniversary on Xbox 360 and found the game quite familiar but looks oh so pretty with its new and updated visuals. It’s perhaps easy to forget how the original looked way back when on Xbox, but for now, Fable Anniversary