Lionhead Studios

Fable III review

It’s Fable time once again, and what seems to be etched into the mind is how recent it feels to have lovingly placed Fable II on the back-burner after all its expanded extras increased the game’s longevity in the absence of a ‘Lost Chapters’ style re-release. With such a seemingly

Fable II Pub Games

Fable II Pub Games is a unique addition to the XBLA, in that it’s the first game that will actually tie in with a full game (Fable II). With three different mini games available for your 800 points – or free if you’ve entered into a pre-order deal; any gold

Fable 2 review

The long awaited Fable 2 has finally arrived after years of waiting for a new game from Lionhead Studios. Their previous offering, Fable proved to be a popular game on Xbox and although the game wasn’t quite what the developers claimed it to be, it provided an action adventure game