Destructive Creations

Space Raiders in Space Release Date Trailer

Destructive Creations posted a new trailer for their upcoming tower defence rogue-like game, Space Raiders. The game will release on PC from December 8th. Humanity and the sentient hivemind extraterrestrials were getting along so well until the aliens collectively decided that they were tired of friendship and felt more in

War Mongrels – first gameplay video

Destructive Creations showcased some War Mongrels gameplay in this 24 minute video. You can wishlist the game on Steam now. Check out the first gameplay video from War Mongrels, mission 2!Be aware that we’re in the middle of development, so bugs do occur and many things will be different in

Daymare 1998 Gameplay 4K – Preview

DAYMARE 1998 from Invader Studios and Destructive Creations is a third-person survival horror game which boasts hardcore survival ganeplay mechanics and tough-as-nails enemies. It requires a strategic approach to combat and puzzles and includes multiple characters so you experience the story from more than one perspective. Sounds familiar right? We

Follia – Dear Father – Announcement Trailer

Destructive Creations released a new trailer for their upcoming first person stealth horror game Follia – Dear Father. Follia – Dear Father is a stealth survival horror that captures the genre’s essence in the halls and rooms of a university campus. Marcus goes in search of his parents, but instead

Ancestors Legacy – Launch Trailer

Destructive Creations’ Ancestors Legacy is a Real-Time Strategy game inspired by medieval history. It tells the history of four European nations (Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Germans and Slavs) in its single-player campaigns, as well as lets you play competitively in multiplayer matches. It also features an original soundtrack composed and produced by

Hatred Gets a New Free Survival Mode

Remember the over top killing spree game that caused much a do about nothing earlier this year entitled, Hatred from Destructive Creations; well today they have announced a new Survival Mode which goes live from tomorrow (September 10th 2015). Check out the trailer and pertinent details below. Survival mode features: