Destructive Creations

Hatred Gameplay – 15 Minutes of Over-Hyped Murder

Gamers who have a death-wish can now dive into Creative Destructions‘ dark and moody twin stick shooter ‘Hatred’ as it released today. The game initially came under fire from some sections of the gaming community for being too violent, but it has to be said there’s nothing really new here.

Hatred – “Human Shields” Gameplay Trailer

Destructive Creations released a new “Human Shields” gameplay trailer for their forthcoming murder rampage game Hatred which will see a release on PC via Steam on June 1st 2015. You can pre-order the game now over at the official website and gain a free soundtrack in the process.

Why all the fuss over Hatred?

The oxymoron titled Polish indie developer Destructive Creations released a first look trailer for their new game Hatred which has somehow managed to cause a stir amongst mainstream and gaming media despite merely offering the same graphic violence we see in many games every year. Destructive Creations has an angle