Hatred Gets a New Free Survival Mode

Remember the over top killing spree game that caused much a do about nothing earlier this year entitled, Hatred from Destructive Creations; well today they have announced a new Survival Mode which goes live from tomorrow (September 10th 2015). Check out the trailer and pertinent details below.

Survival mode features:

∙ 3 custom maps added only to the SURVIVAL mode.
∙ 3 playable characters with various combat statistics.
∙ Ranks system that includes: unlockable perks and specials, unlockable weapons, and items of mass destruction.
∙ New leaderboards and achievements.

The game also gets some updates:

– Cheats (infinite ammo, god mode, any weapon pickable).
– New difficulty modes (Story and Insane).
– Steam Cards.
– Multiple bugs fixed and performance improved.
– Additional sub-quests for some levels.

For a limited time of a week, Hatred will be discounted by 35%! (this includes our OFFICIAL STORE and Steam platform) There will be more cool stuff coming soon with further updates, but that will be announced in the near future! More information about Hatred can be found on the game’s official website: http://hatredgame.com and Facebook profile.

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