Hatred Gets a New Free Survival Mode

Remember the over top killing spree game that caused much a do about nothing earlier this year entitled, Hatred from Destructive Creations; well today they have announced a new Survival Mode which goes live from tomorrow (September 10th 2015). Check out the trailer and pertinent details below. Survival mode features:

Hatred – “Human Shields” Gameplay Trailer

Destructive Creations released a new “Human Shields” gameplay trailer for their forthcoming murder rampage game Hatred which will see a release on PC via Steam on June 1st 2015. You can pre-order the game now over at the official website and gain a free soundtrack in the process.

Why all the fuss over Hatred?

The oxymoron titled Polish indie developer Destructive Creations released a first look trailer for their new game Hatred which has somehow managed to cause a stir amongst mainstream and gaming media despite merely offering the same graphic violence we see in many games every year. Destructive Creations has an angle