Space Raiders in Space Release Date Trailer

Destructive Creations posted a new trailer for their upcoming tower defence rogue-like game, Space Raiders. The game will release on PC from December 8th.

Humanity and the sentient hivemind extraterrestrials were getting along so well until the aliens collectively decided that they were tired of friendship and felt more in the mood for murder. Join badass warrior Andy, super-scientist Heather, and friendly alien Murphy as they squish the creepy-crawly aliens and prove the superiority of individual consciousness once and for all.

Combine tower defense strategery with roguelike-inspired game modes and squad management across a new story mode with 40+ pages of custom comic illustrations and voice acting. Assemble defenses of walls, turrets, and obstructions to reduce these space invaders to ash. Between waves, issue commands to the squad to search, build, fight, defend, and cower away from the extraterrestrial danger.

Eradicate wave after wave to collect weapons for survival like big ole hammers, a nasty crossbow that shoots through lines of enemies, beefy swords, and many more implements of destruction, each with different tiers and rarities. With enemies approaching from all sides, Andy, Heather, Murphy, and humanity need as much help as they can get from the cosmos, like the ability to stop time itself for a quick breather or a last-ditch effort for survival.

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