Resident Evil 6 sexy alternate outfits

Capcom are naturally planning several downloadable costume packs for their soon to be released Resident Evil 6, here’s a look at some of the females.We’re not sure how much each pack will cost, but they look like interesting choices for those who succumb. It has been reported that these can also be unlocked in the game.

Helena – alternate outfit Sexy RPD Uniform

Sherry Birkin – School Uniform

Ada Wong: Fong Ling’s Outfit (from RE:Dead Aim)

Some retro outfits are planned with the Retro Pack.

Sherry Retro

Ada Retro

Helena Retro


Check out the guys over here.


Here’s how to unlock:

  • Mining Depths stage: Complete Jake’s campaign in the story mode
  • Steel Beast stage: Complete Chris’s campaign in the story mode
  • Ada’s Mercenaries character: Complete Ada’s campaign in the story mode
  • BSAA Agent’s Mercenaries character: Unlock every character and their alternate costumes
  • Carla’s Mercenaries character: Unlock every character and their alternate costumes
  • Helena’s Mercenaries character: Complete Urban Chaos stage with a B rank or better
  • Piers’ Mercenaries character: Complete Steel Beast stage with a B rank or better
  • Sherry’s Mercenaries character: Complete Mining Depths stage with a B rank or better
  • Extra Mercenaries costumes: Complete any stage with an A rank or better with each character

Written by: Rob Cram

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  1. bigevilworldwide October 1, 2012 |

    Oh good a site with nothing better to do, looking for hits…NONE of this is DLC 0%, why people feel the need to make up lies just to be hip and hate on Capcom 100% of these are UNLOCKABLE outfits

    • robertcram October 1, 2012 |

      An error which has since been rectified, but these could be released as DLC packs (can you confirm this, do you work at Capcom?) as the source of the story suggests. Nice of you to focus on this aspect of the piece, when the real story is centered around the actual outfits and taking a look at those.

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