Destiny Xur locks out Non DLC players

We’ve been following the antics of Destiny’s mysterious trader of rare goods, Xur from day one and whilst he disappoints as much as he enlightens players, this week we see a turn to the dark side because for the first time in 17 weeks of him appearing there’s a requirement

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Trailer

Activision released a new trailer which showcases the forthcoming Exo Zombies mode downloadable content for its Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The DLC will be available first on Xbox One in January next year and looks like upping the stakes for those familiar with previous zombie nightmares.

Bungie clarifies downloadable content for Destiny

Reports have come in over the last week of discoveries by players of new areas already in the Destiny game to be unlocked as downloadable content – paid or otherwise. Bungie has issued a statement clarifying their release of the forthcoming “The Dark Below” content which will launch this December

Please Destiny Let us use real money

Scouring some of our usual haunts we came across the following thread title on a popular gaming forum which read “Please Destiny let us use real money” complete with a reference to FIFA 14 transactions for player packs and the idea that the author loves Destiny and is well willing