Lovense Teams-Up with Projekt Melody – A Lovense Max 2 review of sorts

Here’s an in-depth…ahem review of the Lovense MAX 2 male toy, as they partner with the video-game in development, Projekt Melody: A Nut Between Worlds (NSFW link). You can watch the video, or read the transcript. This is not an April Fools gag by-the-way.



Hi I’m Rob Cram and today I am taking a look at the newly formed partnership between Lovense and the rather splendid game in-development Projekt Melody: A Nut Between Worlds. Lovense has kindly provided me a Max 2 device so I can review the interaction with it and the game…ahem, for science.

Before I begin, a quick recap of who Lovense are. Founded in 2010 and still going strong, they are a leading force in male and female adult devices. They now boast a wide-array of devices which you can find on their website. 

As I’ve mentioned in other reviews, whilst there’s still a bit of stigma attached to adult devices for men, the use of them is seeing more publicity and acceptance. Lovense was born due to the long-distance relationship its founder had with his partner.  In-addition, some people might not find it easy to secure a loving relationship for many reasons, so these devices are a godsend. Then there’s the issue of spicing-up one’s love life for happy couples who like to experiment.  In this regard, these devices cater to those needs. 

Now, you may have heard of the character Melody, the virtual actress from Projekt Melody, if not. She is an anime inspired 3D animated, adult-actress, streamer, youtuber who hit the scene back in 2019. The game then, which has the moniker “A Nut Between Worlds”, offers an interactive gameplay experience where players can get up-close-and-personal with the digital starlet. Cool!

First then, a quick look at the MAX 2 device before we get into the nitty gritty.

The Max 2 is a male device and the successor to the Lovense Max costing around £90. We will start by taking a look at the packaging which comes in a plain cardboard box, which is first of several positives here. 

The actual product packaging is pretty neat and feels like a premium product. To be honest, at a first glance without reading the small text, you might be mistaken in thinking it was something else entirely, like an air dehumidifier or some other device. Looking closely at the small text reveals its true nature. Still, once opened, the box contains the device itself which stands at just under 10 inches tall with a max diameter of just under 3.5 inches. A handy black fabric cover for storage, and a special USB cable for charging.  It’s not a long cable at 40 inches or just over 1 meter and it’s a specialized connector at the other end, so make sure to look after it.  Finally, there is a small instruction booklet.

Moving on then.

The MAX 2, is white, has a solid feel to it, and neat ribbed edges for a decent grip. Obviously, users do not want any slippage at the wrong time. The top screws-off to reveal the removable sleeve, and on the underside, there is an option to release any air build-up, and an air cover which you can slide to your desired setting.  On the front, there are two buttons, one controls the power and connectivity via Bluetooth, which also doubles-up as a vibration selector. The other controls the air pumps (which adds grip to the sleeve) and as with the power button, pressing will cycle through the various levels of intensity.  As mentioned with the packaging, if left in the open, it could easily be mistaken for an air freshener of some other similar device which is kind of cool. 

So, let’s take a look at how you can use the Max 2.

There are several uses for the Max 2 which fit into the follow categories. 

One, use alone watching or listening to your favourite content in VR or non-VR whilst in complete control pressing the buttons on the unit itself. 

Two, use alone synced to your favourite content in VR or non-VR where the audio or visual content controls the inner workings of the Max 2, such as vibration intensity and air pump (tightness). This is where the integration with Projekt Melody: A Nut Between Worlds comes into play.

Three, use with a partner who controls the device via the specialized app on their phone or PC either locally. 

Four, remote play with a cam model, who controls the device, or is synced to their own device for a shared experience.  

Five, couples can share the experience with his and her devices locally, which no-doubt will certainly spice things up and is a really cool progressive bedroom activity. 

Tethering the Max 2 is pretty easy, seeing as it’s bluetooth and connects to the app or several other apps and services even video games like Projekt Melody: A Nut Between Worlds, which are readily available. if there’s one complaint here, is there’s a lack of easily accessible free content to use though, where you don’t have to subscribe to a paid service. You might have to search a bit first before you find anything that works. There are also several apps you might need to install on your phone if looking for some of the other uses. So, for example, I installed VibeMate which works with some interactive videos on PHUB.  You might find, some apps aren’t compatible with the MAX 2, due to there being no single standard for these types of devices.

That said, you can make your own scripts for use with any movie collection you might have using the Lovense media player. It’s not too difficult if you put the time in to get it right.

How does the Max 2 feel, especially with Projekt Melody: A Nut Between Worlds?

Using the Max 2 has its pros and cons and for the record, I have not experimented with all of the possible previously mentioned scenarios on offer such as with cam models (perhaps, the next best thing is with Melody), I can base my opinion on how the Max 2 feels in general.  Obviously, to begin you’re going to need some water-based lube. It’s not a massively tight fit, but could get a little sore if used dry.  The sleeve is fairly stretchy making it easy to put your bits inside.  Once there, it’s soft and pleasant even without any of the motors running it feels pretty good. However, as soon as you power the Max 2 up, you reach a fantastic level of feeling, especially cycling through the various intensity levels of vibration and tightness. I am not going to suggest that it’s in any way a realistic feeling. Human bodies general don’t vibrate in this manner, but it really does take you to increased heights. However, it’s not so good as a sit-back-and-relax type device but that is entirely subjective.  You can and enjoy the sensations, especially if the controls are handled by someone else, but it feels like it’s better if you exercise some body movement yourself to heighten the experience. I found there to be little sensation around the entry area, so you really have to push deeper inside. Being soft also doesn’t help much, and whilst you will get some enjoyment, it’s not the same as being fully in-the-zone. 

When the device is controlled by audio/visual content such as Projekt Melody: A Nut Between Worlds or games/content in VR or otherwise, the Max 2 is a wonderful experience to behold. I am not going to suggest it’s the best, but this type of inclusive interaction does add another layer to this activity which can’t be ignored and is something you will most certainly return to if that’s your fun-and-games time.

Playing with the rather cute Melody character is blissful and surreal at the same time as she tickles on-screen and you feel it in reality. This is some next-gen-level type stuff going-on here. Yikes! She’s also pretty adorable as a character even more-so for being an animation rather than real person – although I guess some people might be turned-off by this factor alone.

The game itself, in its current state is a prelude to more exciting things to come, but offers an intimate moment in bed, by the pool and some other strange locations where you’re feeling everything the character on-screen receives. You can actually just replay these sections from the main-menu without the need for the story if you’re not into role-play. You can also skip to your favourite parts. My suggestion though, is to at least go with it once and see how it fares. You might be pleasantly surprised!

After the deeds are done, your character is then free to roam around the house, looking for objects and erm…lube for the next session. Less said about that the better, but a nice change-of-pace being able to interact with various items. This is very much staple for visual novel type gaming experiences.

The next set of interactions head-off into a cam session on you PC with Melody where you tip her to unlock the up-close scenes which is an imaginative way to present the character at her best. The final scene is in an unusual dream-like realm where your initially presented with a floating winged-orifice that needs touching. I will say no more…

Are there any negatives then, I hear you ask?

 Well yes, there are. For my tastes, I am not a massive fan of anime characters in this manner, although I understand lots of people are. I also think there’s a lot of focus on Melody “the actress” rather than the character pleasing the player. It’s mostly all about her, and you’re the willing participant. Don’t expect to finish properly in any of the scenes due to their stop-start nature, with plenty of distractions in-between leaving you flustered perhaps? I would hope the developers of the software offer a continuous mode where in each scene you can keep things going at your desired pace should you feel-the-need.

As for the MAX 2, in my view, and this is purely subjective the MAX 2 is very noisy ,and if you’re a little paranoid, then it won’t allay your fears. This is the single largest gripe I have with the device and other devices of this nature too. It seems the tech isn’t there yet, to provide the same levels of motorization with sound dampening for the relatively low-cost of production. It’s not jumbo jet levels of noise where the tiles will start falling off the roof, but loud enough for anyone in close-proximity to wonder what you are doing with your mobile phone vibration function. 

One positive that can’t be stated enough though, is the fact the device is totally wire-free. Fantastic!!! This makes a massive difference even if it’s not a hands-free device.  It also means you can place it anywhere you like without being tethered, and there’s no risk of any unwanted accidents with electricity. Although, that said it’s not fully waterproof and therefore not advised to be used in the shower or submerged in water.  For cleaning, you can remove the sleeve and rinse out the device interior as well with water.  So in light of the noise levels which you could drown-out with background music, you can take the device anywhere and use it there (like in the garden shed or alone in the woods, or up a mountain). No, I didn’t try any of those by the way and I jest a little here.

To conclude then.

The MAX 2 is a really neat modern device which is relatively inexpensive, looks good, feels great and offers a wire-free experience, solo or shared. When coupled with video-game content, the remote controlling has to be experienced to be believed. I highly recommend Melody as a perfect accompaniment for this type of device if, and that’s a big if, you’re interested in an interactive story type experience. I believe Projekt Melody: A Nut Between Worlds is a grand example of adult story-telling with interactive devices, that’s fun to play and experience. It also promises a lot more than that as a game which is pretty fantastic. In its current state though I wish there were options where you and Melody could just reside in-the-moment until it’s over!

All that said, I can highly recommend the MAX 2 for any couples wishing to experiment and for those who want to heighten their solo activities with regular video content as well as play interactive video-games.

I’ll leave a link in the description or comments for the MAX 2 and the wonderful Patreon pages for Projekt Melody (those guys have more exciting chapters in-the-works I believe). You can also follow them @ Twitter @Lovense & @Lovense_Gaming

Ok I’m Rob Cram thanks for watching.

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Written by: Rob Cram

Rob Cram has hundreds of video game reviews, thousands of articles under his belt with years of experience in gaming and tech. He aims to remain fair and free from publisher/developer influence. With his extensive knowledge, feels his gaming opinions are valid and worth sharing. Agreement with his views are entirely optional. He might have a bias towards cyberpunk.