Top 5 Adult VR Games with Gamey Elements

Hi I’m Rob Cram, and today we’re going to do something slightly different to what we’ve done before when looking at adult VR games. In this video, we’re going to look at adult VR games that have gamey elements. What we’ve discovered is that many of these games and experiences

CyberpunkXXX Gameplay – New Dev Build 2 Released

Gamerflex Studios released a new development build for their cool third-person action game (with adult themes) CyberpunkXXX. The game has been in development for about a year now and is shaping up to be quite cool as an indie developed title using Unreal Engine 4. In this latest development build

XSpaceCup XT12 Male Pleasure Device Review

Hi I’m Rob Cram and for more scientific experimentation, today I am looking at another XSpacecup product for men. XSpacecup sent me the rather neat XSpaceCup XT12 male pleasure device that offers stroking actions, vibrations, waterproof and fast-charging. Is it any good though and worth the £86.94/$100+ price tag? Firstly,

CyberpunkXXX – Kickstarter Now Launched

GamerFlex Studios just announced a Kickstarter campaign for their third-person cyberpunk themed action game, CyberpunkXXX. You can try a demo as well. The title suggests the game contains adult-themes as a warning to those who might not enjoy that sort of content. Introducing an exciting adult orientated Cyberpunk PC game

CyberpunkXXX Gets first Dev Build – Gameplay 4K

3 man team, Gamerflex Studios just released their first development build of their third-person adult themed action game, CyberpunkXXX on PC via Patreon/ The build offers some exploration around one sector of a large futuristic, sex filled city block. Players can drive in a vehicle, attack patrolling goons and undertake

Captain Hardcore Quest 3 Passthrough Mode Demo

We play around with the standalone Meta Quest version of Captain Hardcore using our lovable Quest 3. In these videos we use the Quest 3 passthrough and place props within our real world environment before placing female characters in the mix. This is really neat and suggests that in the