CyberpunkXXX – Kickstarter Now Launched

GamerFlex Studios just announced a Kickstarter campaign for their third-person cyberpunk themed action game, CyberpunkXXX. You can try a demo as well. The title suggests the game contains adult-themes as a warning to those who might not enjoy that sort of content.

Introducing an exciting adult orientated Cyberpunk PC game featuring red hot adult content, exciting action action and genuine adventure!

CyberpunkXXX is a STRICTLY 18+ Third person action adventure game that has been in development for the previous 18 months.

Watch the trailer

Download the playable demo

Guaranteed Content Already Included:

18+ X-Rated content

Fast paced action and adventure gameplay

A large futuristic district to explore

Multiple Bars and Clubs to enjoy

A large variety of weapons

Stealth, melee and ranged combat

Driveable vehicles

Full day/night cycle and realistic weather effects

Beautifully modelled streets and buildings

A large range of characters and enemies

All sexual tastes included

Character development

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