Gamerflex Studios

CyberpunkXXX Gets first Dev Build – Gameplay 4K

3 man team, Gamerflex Studios just released their first development build of their third-person adult themed action game, CyberpunkXXX on PC via Patreon/ The build offers some exploration around one sector of a large futuristic, sex filled city block. Players can drive in a vehicle, attack patrolling goons and undertake

CyberpunkXXX – free Demo available now

Gamerflex Studios today released a free PC demo for their in-development cyberpunk-themed adult game CyberpunkXXX. You can grab the demo from ITCH.IO. Cyberpunk XXX aims to fuse third person action shooting with stealth and adult-themes wrapped-up in an open-world environment. The developers need support, which you can do so by

Cyberpunk XXX – Demo 3 OUT NOW Gameplay

In this video we take a look at the just released Cyberpunk XXX demo 3 gameplay. Some new things added include, ladder climbing, a quest giver and a new enemy type amongst various bug fixes. CyberpunkXXX is a third person adult action adventure set in a dystopian cyberpunk style world.