Captain Hardcore Gameplay May 2023 Update 0.16

In this video we return to developer AntiZero’s game in development Captain Hardcore, which will be available for PC gamers with or without a VR headset (including a Quest standalone version). In the video we play entirely via the desktop mode using a gamepad. The game features lots of adult themes, where you can create characters and pose, possess and well…do adult things to them. You can even create your own space themed scenes with male or female characters (or combinations of the two). This latest update 0.16 adds the option to add your own music and sound effects as well as a ton of other customization options. To support or play the game check out the Patreon Page Here.


Board your ship and explore the darkest reaches of the universe in search of the hottest and most depraved space sluts. Bring them aboard your research vessel where you can customise their looks in your bio-metrics lab, probe and experiment on them in your high tech science chamber, or create virtual scenes using your ships Cyber-Masturbatorium – all in the name of science! The deep space science vessel ‘Steel Penetrator’ has been custom built for this mission. On board you will find:


Navigation area

Cargo/Shuttle bay

Biometrics lab

Experimentation Chamber


Bedroom and living quarters


Basic implementation of VR and non VR controls/player systems

High-poly female character

Working genitals and penetration physics

Realistic skin shaders

Realistic body fluid simulation (pee and cum)

Sandbox mode where you can pose characters and other objects/toys however you like to create custom scenes. The only limit is your imagination! Works in VR and non VR!

Create and save/load scenes in the Cyber-Masturbatorium

IK and physics based Animation system that allows the player to touch, grab and position characters however they want

Use motion controllers to record animations to the characters

Ship level design

Character clothing customisation

Character morph customisation

Attach a controller or Vive tracker to a Fleshlight and use it to track a characters hip

Cinematic camera for taking screen shots

VR and non VR user interface/interaction systems

Jiggle physics for tits/ass etc

3D binaural audio

Graphics settings menu

Male characters

In progress:

AI and full character animation/ interaction system

Facial animation system

Add more objects to the sandbox mode

Character hair customisation

Sex devices from toys to bondage gear, machines and restraints


Quest system

Dialogue system

More clothing items

More hair styles

Dynamic character orgasm/pleasure system

Lots of different themed environments for the Cyber-Masturbatorium

Tech tree for unlocking new devices

System Requirements/Compatibility: Desktop mode should run well on lower spec gaming PCs but for VR a GTX 1070/1080 or higher is recommended, depending on your headset resolution and refresh rate. The physics are demanding so a powerful CPU is also recommended. The game supports keyboard and mouse in non-VR mode, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Rift S, Oculus Quest via link cable or streaming, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality. There’s also a standalone Quest version.

Written by: Rob Cram

Rob Cram has hundreds of video game reviews, thousands of articles under his belt with years of experience in gaming and tech. He aims to remain fair and free from publisher/developer influence. With his extensive knowledge, feels his gaming opinions are valid and worth sharing. Agreement with his views are entirely optional. He might have a bias towards cyberpunk.

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