EA SPORTS UFC – Vision Trailer

EA released a trailer after it has been revealed that fighter Jon ‘Bones’ Jones, the youngest champion in UFC history, will be one of two fighters to appear on the EA SPORTS UFC cover. The trailer doesn’t show any actual game footage, but rather presents the vision the team have for the EA

Killer Instinct Orchid trailer

Microsoft released a new Killer Instinct video which showcases the awesome moves of the newly revealed character Orchid. Aside from the looking the part, players will be able to play the game free and purchase character such as Orchid on a per character basis. Take a look at the video

Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers trailer and screenshots

Namco Bandai Games released a new Golden Pre-Order trailer and some new screenshots which reveal the character Athena. In addition they also revealed pertinent details regarding the game’s Cosmic Orbs which allow gamers the choice of customizing their character in the forthcoming Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers for PS3. The game

Call of Duty Ghosts trailer with Megan Fox

Activision are ramping up their advertising for the massive release of the next Call of Duty game with a Call of Duty Ghosts live action trailer with Megan Fox. The trailer shows off “real” people embroiled in the throes of battle, with the lovely Megan Fox making a brief cameo

Arma 3 campaign video Wet Work

Bohemia Interactive recently released the first part of their Arma 3 campaign Survive which comes some time after the game’s initial release and is the first official single player offering from the developers. Whilst there’s plenty to mess around with from the dedicated community, the Survive campaign offers a more

Thief – Basso’s Gamble trailer

Square Enix has today launched the start of a series of videos which looks at the game world from the perspective of various inhabitants. The first video looks at the character Basso, a former boxman (safe-cracker) turned fence, who uses his vast connections to The City’s underworld to organize thieving jobs