Tom Clancy’s The Division 4K Gameplay Ultra Preset

The Division is quite the demanding game for most GPUs when running at maximum settings, even more so when boosting the resolution up to 4K. We tried using our GTX 980 Ti which according to Nvidia speak is a 4K ready GPU. Well in this case using the Ultra preset, we barely got a steady 30 frames per second which is still playable but not as smooth as we’d have hoped. We used Nvidia’s shadowplay to record the footage which no doubt affects the performance a little as well. Take a look at our The Division 4K gameplay video to see how nice the game looks even if you’re viewing using a 1080p monitor. Make sure you’re using a compatible browser such as Chrome and be aware that 4K viewing (selectable in the player display options) is demanding on lower end systems.

Written by: Rob Cram

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