Xbox One 24 hour check via mobile connections?

Microsoft has released some more definitive details on its Xbox One policies which hopefully clears up some of the speculation that’s been floating around the web since the console was announced a few weeks ago. You can find out all you need to know by heading over to the official pages here:

Xbox One Licensing

Xbox One Connected

Xbox One Kinect 2

One thing of interest which might put some gamers minds at rest is the section regarding connecting to the service via mobile broadband.

“For an optimal experience, we recommend a broadband connection of 1.5Mbps. (For reference, the average global internet connection speed as measured recently by Akamai was 2.9 Mbps).  In areas where an Ethernet connection is not available, you can connect using mobile broadband.”

Mobile broadband usually requires a PC or Laptop to function as a dongle is connected via a USB port, and yet it suggested that these could be connected directly to the Xbox One. What’s more, many mobile networks offer their own broadband services for a monthly fee which does seem to offer some flexibility for those without traditional connections. Interestingly the Xbox One can connect to smartphones and other wireless devices in a seamless manner and could open the possibility of gamers being able to perform the 24 hour check in via their existing mobile phone network.

“Faster connection to a world of smart devices: With Wi-Fi Direct, Xbox One can speak directly to smart wireless devices and connect to them through the cloud. This means your smartphone or tablet will interact with Xbox One seamlessly.”

We asked Microsoft for clarification on this issue and await their response.

Written by: Rob Cram

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  1. VR-4nic June 7, 2013 |

    This is nothing new, I’ve been playing Blops2 on my PS3 with my 4G US Cellular Hotspot for months now without really any problems. Though it was pretty easy to exceed the 10GB monthly limit, each GB over is an additional $10. Ouch Lol!

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