Always Online

Xbox One just lost one of its best features

News just in. Microsoft has posted details of some policy changes for Xbox One which will be music to gamers ears, but not all of them. On its official newswire website the details have been amended to reflect that Xbox One offline play will be enabled with the use of

Xbox One 24 hour check via mobile connections?

Microsoft has released some more definitive details on its Xbox One policies which hopefully clears up some of the speculation that’s been floating around the web since the console was announced a few weeks ago. You can find out all you need to know by heading over to the official

Xbox One revealed and the dark cloud above it

Microsoft have been instrumental in drumming up hype for its newest games console which has been revealed as the Xbox One, but having been privy to the excitement and launch of the Xbox 360 way back in 2005, it’s hard to get excited over this new dawn of entertainment in

Always Online Gaming is already here (video)

Amidst plenty of on and off rumors pertaining to an always online Xbox, the idea has been met with objection from certain segments of the gaming community, mostly vocal core gamers who make up the minority. Following Adam Orth’s comments and subsequent departure from Microsoft, the bottom line is, it’s