Top 5 Adult VR Games to Play in 2023/4

In this video we take a look at the top 5 adult VR games to play this year. There are quite a number of cool adult VR games to mess around with, but we feel these are currently the best available and most updated and also work on most, if not all PC VR headsets. Some even have Quest standalone versions. So, in no particular order here’s our top-five adult VR games you should have in your libraries. Read the transcript or watch the SFW video.



Starting off our list is one of the first adult VR games we played six years ago back in 2017 when the VR landscape was very different than what it is now.Back then, the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets ruled the roost and standalone Quests weren’t even thinkable. So MeshedVR came onto the scene with a rather neat free demo which set the stage for many things to come. As of now, VaM as it’s called is now so integrated into the scene, many VR gamers swear by it. We’ve always thought it wasn’t as user friendly as some of its competitors and still isn’t but has a massive community of modders who create some unmatched plugs-ins such as VamX which make this title the most comprehensive around. Meshed VR is currently working on a version 2 which looks set to up the ante even more. We were initially amazed by this when it first released and still are when all the extras are installed. Tricky to get the most out of, but once there a real gem.

Captain Hardcore

Captain Hardcore has grown into something much more than what it was when it first released. Initially it had just one area to move a model around. Since then, the game has grown to not only allow for exploring your very own highly detailed spacecraft, but also some gameplay elements where you can warp and land on a distant planet to dive-in to some first-person shooting action against robotic beings. This gameplay loop has always been the end-game for Captain Hardcore, and it’s great to finally see it develop in the direction it set out. The game features lots of customization, it’s easy to use and even has a Quest standalone version to play with. This is a great title to have in the collection as updates are quite frequent too.

VR Paradise

Another older game that is pretty much done as the developers move-on to VR Paradise 2 which is on the distant horizon. That said, if you want a complete VR experience today, then this is one of the few that are well-made and actually finished. Whilst it might not have as much interaction as other games, it does a grand job of conveying an adult-themed club. There are quite a number of options to tinker with and even some basic questing which is a nice touch. Included are plenty of outfits, and some fantastic animations which are made more realistic in VR. You can purchase more outfits and locations as DLC. That’s the only negative here as these could have been included in the main game. That said, there’s a really nice character changing room where you can get close-up and feel some awesome VR presence with the dancers especially if you stand-up using roomscale for a closer look. You can customize the dancers with new outfits and some additional features. Whilst not as in-depth as many others, it’s a very easy to play experience and well worth it even without the DLC.

The Villain Sim

The Villain Simulator is one of my favourite VR or desktop adult themed games purely because there is nothing else like it. At least not at the time when it first released. There’s an actual game in the making here where players are tasked with interrogation of their captives. It’s a strange, but totally compelling experience as you tease, tickle and mess around with the fully customizable models. If you manage to turn them to your way of thinking then you might be rewarded with a dance or something more intimate. This is a great, well-polished title, that is fun and so easy to just mess around with. In addition, the developer offers regular updates making this a definitive game to have in your library as you won’t find anything else like it.


We love VR HOT, it has come a long way from its rather buggy beginning and is now one of our favourite VR experiences. We have followed its development extensively and continually participate in its community on Discord. The game offers some of the most engaging models and with the arrival of AI Chat software incorporated, is a totally engrossing experience. The game is also playable as a desktop game for those without a VR headset, which is fantastic having the two options. VR HOT provides a model to interact with, think virtual girlfriend which it manages with aplomb. We like this game so much because the customization is fantastic, and the immersion is top-quality. The developers are passionate about this project and continually offer improvements. This is the best virtual girlfriend type experience in the making and if they can add some additional AI features where the character has some free will within the environments, will be an even greater awe inspiring game to play around with. Certainly one to keep an eye on in your libraries.

Closing thoughts

There are loads of adult VR games released over the years, some better than others. Adult VR game development is tricky as publishers aren’t willing to invest, so you see lots of community supported titles come and go. We can say our list features those which are the cream-of-the-crop. Steam has a lot of disappointing or very basic games in the genre releasing quite frequently that are not worth your time or money, so be aware. There are also some other titles like Skyrim VR that do well with adult themed mods installed which are worth looking at. Adult VR games aren’t for everyone, and whilst adult in nature can be appreciated from an artistic perspective which is what we like here. The one thing that is evident though, is adult VR game developers are all making solid personal experiences with virtual characters which is fantastic and a welcome break over shooters and exploration games. Ok well that’s it for now. Thanks for watching.

Written by: Rob Cram

Rob Cram has hundreds of video game reviews, thousands of articles under his belt with years of experience in gaming and tech. He aims to remain fair and free from publisher/developer influence. With his extensive knowledge, feels his gaming opinions are valid and worth sharing. Agreement with his views are entirely optional. He might have a bias towards cyberpunk.

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