The Witcher 3 Women: Are they the Fairest Character Models of them All?

With the Witcher 3 casting its spell over many a gamer now for the last three weeks there’s one thing for sure and that’s how much effort was spent on designing the characters. With games like Skyrim using a number of user generated mods to create exceptional looking NPC characters, the vanilla Witcher 3 game does a grand job of providing some excellent looking NPCs to the point where we’re going to ask the question: are The Witcher 3 women the prettiest female character models in an RPG to date? There’s quite a few to wade through alongside a number of leading characters players meet during the adventure. But aside from the main cast there’s also a bevy of secondary ladies who aren’t hit with the ugly stick either. CD Projekt Red has spent considerable time making sure their characters are pleasing on the eye that’s for sure, and so we compiled a selection (not all) of them in our Women of The Witcher 3 video which will help you make up your mind when answering the question we’ve posed.

Written by: Rob Cram

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