Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs Bad Blood Opening Gameplay

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Bad Blood expansion is available from today for Season Pass holders and releases for everyone else next week. We’ve captured the opening 40 minutes or so of the game to give you a greater idea of what you can expect as players take on the role of

Watch_Dogs Wii U version dated

Ubisoft has today announced and dated the Wii U version of its successful action packed open world shooter, Watch_Dogs. The game will make use of the the Wii U Gamepad allowing gamers to use it as a persistent map or to play the game using Off-TV Play. Watch_Dogs Wii U

Watch Dogs Bad Blood Teaser Trailer

Ubisoft released a trailer for their just revealed downloadable content for Watch Dogs entitled “Bad Blood” an all new story campaign starring side character and hacker from the main game, T-Bone and set for release this September (23rd for season pass holders and the 30th for general release). Those who

Watch Dogs vs The Crew video comparison

Two games developed by different studios under the same publisher Ubisoft, with both featuring the Windy City of Chicago. Whilst Watch Dogs is more focused and presents a detailed representation, The Crew offers a Chicago alongside the entire map of the USA and a number of large US cities as

New Watch Dogs DLC content available

Ubisoft has today announced that some new single player Watch Dogs DLC which will be available from tomorrow on all platforms and includes three single player missions, unlockable weapons, perks and bonuses. Take a look at the details and screenshots below, then think about getting  a season pass which grants